Drab to Cozy Living Room

My husband and I bought our first house two years ago. We still have mixed emotions about our purchase, this two years being the longest we have stayed in one place in seven years. I feel like home ownership has been extremely challenging but extremely rewarding as well. One of those times when the rewarding feeling hits me is when I am curled up in the couch of our living room. This entire space was made on an extremely tight budget, our biggest splurge being the professional paint job because we feared a broken limb and further expenses trying to paint the vaulted ceilings. Our house is always a work in progress but it has been so much fun finding creative ways to decorate on a budget as well as ways to mesh our completely different styles together.

The Leroy Neiman Frank Sinatra was scored at an art auction on our honeymoon for $60 on a mystery bid!

Our coffee table is currently an old steamer trunk that belonged to one of my grandparents (it still has a partly legible cargo sticker on the side)

One of our end tables is an antique school desk that actually belonged to my father but was gathering dust in the attic!

Although the coffee table trunk serves as great storage space for most of our blankets, I have an unhealthy amount of throws and so we bought a half ladder at a flea market for additional easy to reach blanket storage.

Below is a before picture of our family room. The walls were brown and rust orange and, to be honest, I thought that I could live with them for a while but my husband couldn’t and he pushed to make painting this room a top priority. I don’t say this too often but he was right.



IMG_5964 IMG_5967


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