Warby Parkers

It’s safe to say that I  “hide behind my glasses.” I don’t necessarily think that this is a bad thing though when there are so many stylish options out there! I have had horrible vision since I was in seventh grade. It was then that my parents bought me my first pair of glasses. They were pretty standard; rectangular and black frames. I stuck with the style for a long time and it wasn’t until this year that I wanted something different and so I turned to Warby Parker and I don’t think that I will ever turn back. Warby Parker has an awesome at home try on program where they will ship you five frames to try on at home for free! This was one of the few times where I threw in my uncomfortable contacts and wore the tester glasses out and about to get feedback and see how comfortable they were throughout the day. After much deliberation I chose my favorite pair, uploaded a picture of my prescription and purchased them online. They shipped them to me within two weeks and I’m totally in love. Oh, and for each pair of glasses purchased they will give a pair to someone in need. I ended up choosing the Durands in Saddle Russet. I have three more pairs on my wishlist!



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