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I have been nothing short of a nutcase lately. I’ve poured hours into my latest interest of couponing which turned into a complete disaster today, where I realize that I bought $70.00 worth of stuff that I wouldn’t normally buy, but did, just because it had a coupon to accompany it to the register. It has consumed me. I’ve been watching back to back episodes of Extreme Couponing I’ve read through a master stock piler’s book or two, and I’ve spent a collective work week’s worth of hours clipping and organizing coupons. Our power went out today and I mentioned my flighty interest in engineering so that I could build us emergency chargers for our cell phones. I’ve recently started this blog. I’ve tried to tackle some tricky recipies on my way to becoming a master chef overnight. One of these included a caesar dressing in which the anchovies wouldn’t grind, got stuck in the blades of the blender and burned it up, which resulted in a smokey and fish smelling kitchen. I actually cried while I tried to eat it before we decided to order some pizza instead.

I will admit it. I dream big. I am interested in learning and mastering everything until it becomes so overwhelming that I end up sitting on the couch sipping a ginger ale and reading a book while shoving crackers into my mouth to get my mind off of everything that I should be finishing.

Two weeks ago, my interest was gardening. I have an off and on love with gardening. I love to watch things grow, I love to take care of things, and I need to be needed. Flowers are the perfect outlet for this. This sudden on-again interest in gardening overlapped my couponing obsession and I thought that it “would be just fantastic if I could grow my own veggies!”

With no research whatsoever I stuck some green onion bottoms (bulbs, maybe?) into some soil, gave it some water and forgot about them for a few days, while I explored other hobbies that might consume my never-ending need to learn everything. I happened to glance over at the window about three days later to see that my little onions were, in fact, growing! They are growing like weeds! This is the easiest and most rewarding plant ever.

There is something beautiful about this plant. I most definitely neglected it, but it continued to grow, and produce, and shock me with its resilience.

I’ve since done some research on how to grow these little onions and as it turns out, no soil is even needed! Dorothy, a Kitchen Gardener, from Shockingly Delicious explains that all you need is a jar, some, water and the neglected part of your green onions. Brilliant!!!

Feel free to leave your gardening tips, and I will be sure to give them a try :)

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